Child-selling was the practice of selling a kid for money by poor parents in the past. This old practice has come to light today when Jharkhand police rescued a three-year-old boy who was sold by his aunt for Rs 1.30 lakh to a woman in Bihar.

This unfortunate boy was rescued from the Makhdumpur area of Bihar. He was abducted on June 19 and sold to a woman in Bihar for Rs 1.30 lakh allegedly his aunt.

The accused aunt and the woman who purchased him were arrested and sent to jail.

The boy who was rescued from the Makhdumpur area of Bihar’s Jehanabad district was brought back to his home in a village under Muffasil police station of Hazaribag district of Jharkhand on Thursday night, it is learned.

After the child went missing, his family members lodged a complaint with the police in Hazaribagh in Jharkhand on June 20.

“After knowing that he was last seen at the house of his aunt, the police interrogated her and she revealed that the child was sold to a woman in Bihar who has three children but no son”, PTI reports.

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