South Eastern Railway has decided to restore the service of the following Express trains as per the schedule given below:-

22841/22842 Santragachi-Tambram-Santragachi Antyodaya Express w.e.f 18.07.2022 from Santragachi and w.e.f 20.07.2022 from Tambram.

22851/22852 Santragachi-Mangalore-Santragachi Vivek Express w.e.f 14.07.2022 from Santragachi and w.e.f 16.07.2022 from Mangalore.

18030/18029 Shalimar-LTT (Mumbai)-Shalimar Express w.e.f 12.07.2022 from Shalimar and w.e.f 14.07.2022 from LTT (Mumbai).

18035/18036 Kharagpur-Hatia-Kharagpur Express w.e.f 14.07.2022 from Kharagpur and w.e.f 15.07.2022 from Hatia.

22841/22842 Santragachi-Tambram-Santragachi Antyodaya Express

22841 Santragachi-Tambram Antyodaya Express will leave Santragachi every Monday at 18.00 hrs and will reach Tambram at 22.00 hrs, the next day. In the return direction, 22842 Tambram-Santragachi Antyodaya Express will depart Tambram every Wednesday at 07.15 hrs and will reach Santragachi at 10.25 hrs, the next day.

22851/22852 Santragachi-Mangalore-Santragachi Vivek Express

22851 Santragachi-Mangalore Vivek Express will leave Santragachi every Thursday at 14.55 hrs and will reach Mangalore at 08.50 hrs on every Saturday. In the return direction, 22852 Mangalore-Santragachi Express will depart Mangalore every Saturday at 23.00 hrs and will reach Santragachi at 17.15 hrs on every Monday.

18030/18029 Shalimar-LTT (Mumbai)-Shalimar Express

18030 Shalimar-LTT (Mumbai) Express will leave Shalimar daily at 15.35 hrs and will reach LTT at 04.05 hrs, the third day. In the return direction, 18029 LTT (Mumbai)-Shalimar Express will depart LTT (Mumbai) daily at 22.00 hrs and will reach Shalimar at 11.35 hrs, the third day.

18035/18036 Kharagpur-Hatia-Kharagpur Express

18035 Kharagpur-Hatia Express will leave Kharagpur daily at 08.45 hrs and will reach Hatia at 18.25 hrs on the same day. In the return direction, 18036 Hatia-Kharagpur Express will depart Hatia daily at 09.20 hrs and will reach Kharagpur at 18.00 hrs on the same day.

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