Through this event, the efforts of Tata Steel employees,who contributed towards building a portfolio of more than 200 granted patents,were recognised.

Partha Sengupta (VP, RM and CSI) awarded the prolific inventors and chaired the event.

Twelve awards were given to employees from different departments of the company such as those from Automation, Scientific Services, Product Application Group, Growth Shop, Refractory Group, FP Planning etc.

The company celebrated Intellectual week from 22nd-27th April and organized various events to raise the IP awareness among Tata Steel employees. Other activities included organizing IP awareness sessions, sharing knowledge notes, conducting online IP quiz etc. More than 600 employees participated in the quiz, whose winners were also awarded
during the function.

Chief Guest, Sengupta emphasized the need to further develop the portfolio bigger and emphasized to capitalize and leverage the IP portfolio by creating differentiation in the market and developing ‘first to the world’ technologies and products.

“I’m happy and pleased to meet people who have excelled in their respective fields and innovated. I’m delighted to see many people from different departments who have got together in putting the company ahead in so many aspects. I congratulate them and wish them success in their future endeavours. We shall also protect the intellectual Property rights of individuals who make efforts to do something new and in order to become the Steel Power in the world; we shall help our best in this project,”said Sengupta All creations resulting from human intellect or endeavors in various fields of art, literature, science and technology constitute Intellectual Property. The role of Intellectual Property is to foster creativity and Innovation. As always, our forefathers in Tata Steel had
been visionary on this front as well and we filed our first patent application in 1938 even well before the first patent act of Independent India was enacted and implemented.


oday, Tata Steel owns a portfolio of more than 600 patent families filed in India and across the world.

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