Bihar was trending in social media due to a daily wager. He hit the headline when he claimed he had received a notice from the Income Tax Department which directed him to pay “ dues” of Rs 37.5 lakh.

Not the least, Girish Yadav, a resident of Maghauna village in Khagaria district, who earns about Rs 500 a day as a daily wage worker, came to the police station concerned and complained about it.

Also, rumour is afloat in Khagaria that a politician of the ruling party mobilised him to sensationalise it by dragging the name of central agencies currently involved in carrying out raids and sending notices to lawbreakers and corrupt.

However, Purendra Kumar, the Station House Officer of Alauli police station, said that they had lodged a case.” Prima facie it seems a case of fraud", he is on record having said.

The PTI quoted the SHO saying that “the complainant has received the notice against a PAN number issued in his name.”

"Girish says he performs menial jobs in Delhi where he had once tried to get a PAN card made through a tout. He never heard from the tout again", said the PTI report quoting the SHO.

 In the so-called IT notice received by him, Girish has been shown to be associated with a company based in Rajasthan. He says and insists he had never visited Rajasthan.


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