What happened in Palamau Tiger Reserve had never happened in the past. This is all about a python, about eight-foot long. It was rescued after it swallowed a whole goat in a village falling under the area of PTR.

Reports said that villagers in Karwai, a village of about 350 families in the Garu forest area of PTR were in fear of this python. They were scared as their goats and hens were disappearing from the scene.

On Saturday python reportedly swallowed a goat owned by Maneswar Oraon. Soon, villagers launched the search operation. Soon, they found the snake python standing still in a place in the forest area. “ Since it had swallowed the goat, it was unable to move”, said a villager on phone from Garu.

The villagers informed forest guard Tara Kumar who got in touch with the In-Charge of foresters at PTR Nirbhay Singh. After these forest personnel arrived the python was rescued. reports PTI.

The snake reached near the house of one Maneswar Oraon in the village on Saturday and swallowed his goat. 


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