Jharkhand State News is bridging the digital divide faster with AI-powered content valuation

To the readers of Jharkhand State News – we have some questions for you.
1. How much time in a day do you spend scouring the web for relevant, latest news?
2. How much value do you think you get from each click?

In order to help you answer these questions with ease, the news website has partnered with Kunato to bring content valuation to the website, with their patented AI technology – Kunato.Ai. With this cutting-edge technology, you can now find the answers to these questions – and more – within seconds. Here is how:-

Value isn’t an easily defined term but it can be when it comes to price. We often refer to them interchangeably and this ubiquity is now being applied to the content you consume daily. On the website, you can now see a real-time price beside every article – this is the intrinsic value of the content that the technology has gleaned considering multiple factors (such as genre, demand, uniqueness and more) to quantify it accurately into a price. Through this new feature, you can now understand exactly how valuable each click can be, and in turn, minimize your scouring of the web for news that is important – you'll find quality content in its most accessible form on Jharkhand State News with this new AI tech.

However, quality doesn’t stop at price. As readers, time is of equal importance to you, and so what this new feature also does is allow you to go back in time and gauge the value of past articles so that the overwhelming influx of information doesn’t take away what’s important from your sight. But don’t just stop at sight – interact with this price to see a graph that reflects how the price has varied since its publication based on user demand. You’ll even be able to follow trends better and faster with this additional insight. Just as the website values quality, they value your attention as well – your conscious consumption of content allows for the news publication to streamline content to their readers’ preferences.

Jharkhand State News has spent a decade proactively bridging the digital divide between their readers and the news, under the able leadership of Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Manoj Prasad, who brings his valuable past experience as the state head at The Indian Express to enable the website to rapidly progress in the world of tech. Accredited by the State Government of Jharkhand, the news publisher has now aptly partnered with Kunato, a company who believes in valuing knowledge, to grow Jharkhand to the knowledge society they envision it to be with the futuristic value of AI.

Everything from your experience to the content you consume on the site has been elevated by this AI technology. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, every line of business will potentially be dependent on our adoption of such technologies, and it is now the turn of the publishing industry. Created by Kunato, a Silicon-Valley based company, Kunato.Ai does more than just value content – it has opened up a channel for monetization of content as a commodity to become the focal point of a new content economy that focuses on quality over quantity. Supported by 100+ partners and 38 million+ users worldwide in just seven short months, the company incessantly strives to bring value to the lives of content consumers.


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