Two incidents in two different locations are indicative of success stories of security agencies.

First incident is link with security forces who located half a dozen Improvised Explosive Devices along Chhattisgarh- Jharkhand boarder near Balrampur this morning.

These IEDs, each a homemade bomb, are normally used by Maoists to destroy, incapacitate, harass or distract security forces. They were found in forest areas during the search operation, said a senior CRPF officer.

Second incident is this.This Railway Protection Force,in league with Crime Investigating Department personnel of the state government of Jharkhand, have recovered stolen railway property from a scrap shop. 

Enquiry revealed that RPF, Lohardaga and CID sleuths are learnt to have seized three pieces of railway tracks and Pandrol clips from inside a scrap shop located along Lohardaga road in Gumla. The scrap shop owner Firoz Ansari, son of Julphan Ansari was arrested.

Pandrol clips are called elastic fasteners.They are responsible for attaching the rail to the base plate so the rail cannot move vertically or horizontally with respect to the base plate.

After his arrest, the police have sent the accused Firoz Ansari to jail in Ranchi.

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