If you want to participate in the state government’s tourism department-organized Photography/Videography competition 2022, take note of these facts.

*Contest alert for shutterbugs: Click/Record-Post-*Get views and likes-Share-Win exciting prizes*

This offers a golden opportunity for people having interest in photography and videography.

Showcase Jharkhand’s religious, tourist places, festivals and fairs, heritage sites and monuments, dance, scenic beauty, landscape and cuisines and win exciting prizes up to 57 lakh rupees. 

One lakh rupees will be given for securing first place in the competition, 75 thousand rupees for the second place and 50 thousand rupees for the third place. At the same time, a consolidated prize of Rs 20,000 is also included in each category. The competition is open from Dec 15th 2022 to Jan 15th 2023. 

The criteria for submission of photos and videos will be as follows:-



 *HD Photographs*

 *Size :  10 MB to 50 MB*  *JPG format*

*Minimum 4 photos to be*  *submitted*



*Duration-minimum one minute and maximum of two minutes and 30 seconds*



*Duration- 30 seconds*


The Photographs/Videos/Reels should be original and should have no editing or extra photo effect.

The Photography category should include photos of religious & tourist places, festivals, fairs, heritage sites and monuments, dance, scenic beauty and landscapes and is meant to be posted on social media platforms like Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. The videography category should also cover the above-mentioned topics and is meant to be for the social media platform- YouTube. 

Participants will be able to showcase their skills on these topics through the medium of reels and short videos as well which is the third category of the competition. The winners will be selected on the basis of views and likes on their social media posts. For more details and registration kindly visit - www.tourism.jharkhand.gov.in


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