Lawyers across the state of Jharkhand abstained from work today, demanding the withdrawal of the Court Fee (Jharkhand Amendment) Act, 2021.

Nearly 33,000 lawyers of all district courts boycotted work in district courts. 

They were agitating mainly because the Hemant Soren government has not been paying attention to their demands, said Jharkhand State Bar Council.

In a letter written by Rajendra Krishna, Chairman, Jharkhand State Bar Council, to all President/Secretary/Adhoc Co, has invited members to participate in a meeting to discuss their issues of concern on January 8, 2023.

In the said letter( accessed by, Jharkhand Bar Council has mentioned their demands.

These are as follows.

1. Withdrawal of Court Fee (Jharkhand Amendment) Act, 2021, Implementation of Advocates Protection Act,
2. Providing funds for the welfare of advocates etc.
Appointment of APP, PP amongst advocates
3. Providing funds for the welfare of advocates etc.
4. Appointment of APP, PP amongst advocates

Further, Jharkhand State Bar Council has requested the President and Secretary of the respective associations and two senior members of the Adhoc Committee of the association to take part in the January 8 meeting at 11.30 onwards for deciding further course of action. 

The aforesaid meeting shall be held in the premises of Jharkhand State Bar Council, Bungalow No. 8, Doranda, Ranchi.

Read the Letter enclosed Here.

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