While the Election Commission of India is celebrating the 13th National Voters’ Day on the eve of the 74th Republic Day today -25th January 2023, Jharkhand has taken note of its electoral record showing a rise in the number of voters.

In January 2023, the total number of voters in the state was 24529847. Among them, 12608292 and 11921181 were male and female respectively. The number of third-gender voters 368. These data were released by the Election Commission on January 5, 2023. 

Last year, in January 2022, the total number of electorates was 24473937. Among them, 12613219 and 11860442 were male and female respectively. The number of third-gender voters was 276.

This means that while the rise in the percentage of male-female voters had remained almost the same, the number of third-gender voters had increased by 92 in just one year.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar in his article on  “Salutation to Electorates of the Nation”, published today informed that in the 2019 general election, only “67.4 percent” voters had exercised their franchise.

”It’s a big challenge how to motivate nearly 30 crore voters who had remained away from the polling booths, to bring them to polling booths. It has several sides such as urban apathy, youths’ apathy, absence from home, etc”, CEC opines indicating that EC is trying to ensure maximum voters utilize their right to vote. 

Similar initiatives should be initiated by conscientious citizens, groups, and NGOs across Jharkhand and other states in the country- India, the largest democracy in the world. 

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