UP police have exposed a gang of thieves from Jharkhand who indulged in theft of mobile phones in UP.

Seven of them were arrested by the UP police in Gorakhpur. Their interrogation revealed that the gang was organised and followed their own modus operandi.

The leader of the gang appointed children in age group of 14-17 and kept them on rented house in Gorakhpur.They operated in running trains or mohalla where they made friendship with people/passengers.

More often than not,after mixing sleeping powder in their food, they waited for them to sleep. When they turned unconscious, they pilfered mobile phones and other belongings in Gorakhpur and adjoining areas.

Each of these child thrives were paid salaries of Rs 8-10 thousand per month. Every incident of crime was planned by gang master and executed child thrives.

The UP police had arrested all seven thieves in Cant area of Gorakhpur.Among them one was minor child.” Their main target were train passengers”, said a report quoting the UP police officer.

All seven of them were identified as Manoj Mandal alias Batu, Sunil Mahto, Paran Kumar, Karan Kumar, Tetar Mahto, Md Sajjam and a minor child.

All of them were from Taljhari in Sahibgunj district of Jharkhand.


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