*Mosquito nets and food packets are being distributed among the villagers by Shresht Rawat, a student of a school in the USA.

Shresht Rawat is a student of Upper St. Clair High School, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Shresht is in 10th Grade and enrolled in International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP). For his MYP Project, last year Shresht decided to help people from rural villages in India by donating money that will be used to buy food packets and some daily needed items. 

Since then Shresht has been working on a consistent basis for a few hours over the weekends and also reaching out to people for donations.
Shresht managed to collect 690 USD which amounts to INR 58650 (Indian Rupees). This money was good enough to distribute 100 mosquito nets and food packets to the families of the village Nagri Chama in the Jharkhand state of India. 

Shresht took help from his grandmother, Mangla Kumari, who lives in India, and helped Shresht to coordinate with an international organization called Amurtel. Amurtel works on improving the quality of life for people worldwide. 

This is an excellent example of individual initiative to help those relatively less well of in India. Being a student, Shreshth is at a formative stage of life. As he grows in age and resources, JharkhandStateNews.com expects him to be of greater use to others.

(Shresht Rawat)

What he is doing today will act as a springboard for the future. Such an approach also does a lot of good to the person concerned as the same enlarges one’s consciousness and lends a more fulfilling perspective to life.

JharkhandStateNews. com is inclined to wish Shresht the very best in his future endeavours.


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