twenty two billion units  of energy, save nine trillion litres of water, reduce waste by three hundred and seventy five million tons, recycle almost one million tons of  e-waste and generate  around one hundred and seventy million dollars  of additional cost savings  by 2030. “Further, it will help us  reduce the wastage  of fifteen billion tons of food. Let me give you  a comparison  to know how big this is. The global primary crop production  in 2020  according to FAO  was about nine billion tons”, he elaborated.  

Prime Minister Modi emphasized that global institutions  have an important role  to play  in encouraging countries  across the world. Referring to the World Bank Group’s  proposed increase in climate finance from 26% to 35%, as a share of  total financing, he said that the focus  of this climate finance is usually on  conventional aspects. “Adequate financing methods  need to be worked out  for behavioural  initiatives too. A show of support by the World Bank  towards behavioural  initiatives  such as Mission LiFE  will have  a multiplier effect”, he concluded. 

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