As a part of Govt of India initiative for market intervention to control the retail price of rice, wheat and atta, weekly e auctions of both wheat and rice are organized. 

The 20th e-auction was held on 08.11.2023 wherein 3 LMT wheat and 2.25 LMT rice was offered under OMSS(D) and 2.85 LMT wheat along with 5180 MT rice was sold to 2316 bidders. 

The weighted average selling price was Rs. 2327.04/qtl for FAQ wheat against the reserve price of Rs. 2150/qtl Pan India whereas weighted average selling price of URS wheat was Rs. 2243.74/qtl against the reserve price of Rs. 2125/qtl. 

In addition to the above, 2.5 LMT wheat has been allocated to Semi-Government and cooperative organizations like Kendriya Bhandar / NCCF / NAFED under OMSS (D) for converting said allocated wheat to atta and offer it for sale to the public under 'Bharat Atta' brand at an MRP not exceeding ₹ 27.50/Kg.  Till 07.11.23, 6051 MT wheat has been lifted by these 3 Cooperative societies for further conversion into atta.

The traders are kept out from the ambit of wheat sale under OMSS (D) and till 07.11.23, 1851 random checks have been made across the country in order to avoid hoarding of stocks.


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