*Ton of cash recovered from premises of Congress RS MP Dheeraj Sahu

He belongs to a family involved in liquor production, supply and sale in eastern India. Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Sahu has been in the eye of a storm due to the recovery of tonnes of cash from his premises. 

The IT sleuths have released pictures showing the recovery of cash worth more than Rs 100 crore. This huge sum of cash was recovered from several locations linked to Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Sahu in Odisha. 

The development came as the Income Tax Department had been conducting raids on Sahu's premises in Odisha and Jharkhand since Wednesday (December 6). The raids were still underway at the time of publishing this report. 

Income Tax Department officials involved in these raids say raids will continue on premises linked to the Boudh Distillery Private Limited in Odisha, from where the cash was recovered. Other locations where the raids were underway were Sambalpur, Bolangir, Titilagarh, Boudh, Sundargarh, Rourkela, and Bhubaneswar. 

The cash was found stashed in an almirah, after which the tax department extended their searches to various locations, including the house, office, and country liquor distillery in Sundargarh city, the corporate office of BDPL in Bhubaneswar, the houses of company officials, and the factory and office in Boudh Ramchikata, along with the Ranisati Rice Mill. 

This has generated political heat in Jharkhand where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded an Enforcement Directorate (ED) probe into the matter. Posting his comment on X, Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) and former Jharkhand BJP chief Deepak Prakash asserted that several other Congress MPs must be involved in such cases. 

Sharing an image from the raid, Prakash said, "These are the pictures of the cash recovered in the raid from the house of only one Congress MP. Imagine how many more would be there who have been hollowing out the country for (the) last 70 years." 

"When we talk about the scam worth thousands of crore taking place in the Hemant (Chief Minister Hemant Sarma) government, it is not just a figure but a reality. A small example of which is again in front," a rough translation from his post in Hindi suggested.


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