*The picture captured on the occasion showed these slogans raised by the BJP legislatures.

“Rs 500 crore” -Highest-ever -cash recovery by IT sleuths from premises of Dheeraj Sahu, MP of the Congress party, an ally of the ruling coalition headed by JMM and Chief Minister Hemant Soren today gained spotlight on the first day of a week-long winter session of the Jharkhand Assembly. 

The opposition MLAs belonging to the BJP stood outside the gate of the Assembly with play cards in Hindi reading ( in English) this. 

*Order CBI probe into Rs 500 crore cash case  

*Corrupt Sonia- Rahul answers Rs 500 crore cash case 

*Arrest corrupt Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu 

*Corrupt Hemant Soren answer- Rs 500 cash case  

The winter session will continue till December 21. On the first day, the BJP MLAs were spotted demanding an inquiry into huge sums of cash recovered by IT sleuths inside the Assembly complex. 

Also, they demanded an answer to this huge cash haul from CM Hemant Soren.  Though the first day of the session was adjourned till December 18, CM Hemant Soren offered a boutique of flowers to Speaker Rabindra Mahto.

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