Jharkhand team won a total of six gold medals in the 67th School Games U19 Yogasana Competition.

The competition was organized by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) in collaboration with School Games Federation of India (SGFI) at Heritage School, Kolkata on December 19, 2023  onwards.

This is for the first time  in this national level competition, Jharkhand gas created history by winning gold medals in both singles and group competitions. 

In the singles competition, Sushmit Dasgupta of East Singhbhum district has won the gold medal by securing first position. 

Whereas in the group event, Agni Ojha of Chaibasa, Mohit Kumar of Ranchi, Sushmit Dasgupta of East Singhbhum, Adhiraj Kumar of Ranchi, Shivam Ranjan of Ranchi have collectively won gold. 392 students from all the states across the country participated in the 67th SGFI U19 Yogasana Competition. 

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Also, the state  has become the overall champion of the event by winning 6 gold medals in the single and group Yogasana competition of the School Games. 

Earlier, gold medal was won in singles competitions. But the state team was missing out on winning the gold medal in the group event. 

Before the competition to be held in Kolkata, the Yogasan team was given two days of special training under the guidance of trainers Mr. Sushit Banerjee and Mrs. Sheela Kumari as per the instructions of State Program Officer Mr. Dhirsen Soreng. 

The team was congratulated by State Education Project Director Mrs. Kiran Kumari Pasi, State Program Officer Mr. Dhirsen Soreng, Manager Mr. Santosh Singh, Team Guide Mrs. Kalavati Kumari, Instructor Mr. Sushit Banerjee, Mrs. Sheela Kumari. To mark the event, they among  other officials performed yoga asanas.

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