This case has rocked Jharkhand.Both driver of SP and Deputy Commissioner of Palamau are facing the charge of gang raping a woman in Daltonganj, headquarter town of Palamau today.

The town police station have arrested the DC’s driver Dharmendra and SP’s driver Prakash. Dharmendra drove DC’s scout car whereas Prakash drove SP’s residential car.

The incident of rape took place inside the residence of DC’s driver, according to the FIR filed at town police station in Daltongunj. According to the FIR,SP’s driver Prakash was engaged in morning walk on Thursday morning near Daltongunj railway station.

Around the same time,a woman who had come as a train passenger sought his help for information about the shop where she can get her mobile recharged.Instead of providing her the site of mobile recharging shop,he recharged her mobile and took money for the same. 

 According to the police, woman resides in Palamau and had come to Daltongunj to get treated by a physician. Since he recharged her mobile, Prakash was aware of her mobile number.Later, he rang up and called the woman to his residence.

Also, Prakash called DC’s driver Dharmendra. When the woman arrived, two drivers took her to Dharmendra’s residence where they gang raped her. 

 Subsequently, victim reached town police station and lodged complaint.  

In response,the police launched raid and arrested both DC and SP’s drivers. The victim woman was sent for medical test. The medical examination of the alleged rapists- Dharmendra and Prakash - was conducted. The process was going on to send them to jail.

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