During his interaction, PM Modi is quoted as having given several tips to students, teachers and parents in response to their queries. 

First, consider his important replies.

*“It is crucial to instill resilience in our children and help them cope with pressures”

*“The challenges of students must be addressed collectively by parents as well as teachers”

*“Healthy competition augurs well for students' growth”

*“Teachers are not in a job role but they shoulder the responsibility of grooming the lives of students”

*“Parents should not make report cards of their children as their visiting card”

*“The bond between students and teachers must be beyond syllabus and curriculum”

*“Never sow the seeds of competition and rivalry between your children. Rather, siblings should be an inspiration for each other”

*“Strive to be committed and decisive in all the work and study you do”

*“Practice the writing of answers as much as possible. If you have that practice, the majority of exam hall stress will go away”

*“Technology should not become a burden. Use it judiciously”

*“There is nothing like the ‘right’ time, so do not wait for it. Challenges will keep coming, and you must challenge those challenges”

*“If there are millions of challenges, there are billions of solutions as well”

*“Failures must not cause disappointments. Every mistake is a new learning”

*“The more I enhance the capabilities of my countrymen, my ability to challenge the challenges improves”

*“For proper governance also, there should be a system of perfect information from bottom to top and a system of perfect guidance from top to bottom”

 *“I have shut all doors and windows of disappointment in my life”

*“When there is no selfish motive, there is never confusion in decision”

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi today during the 7th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC). He also took a walkthrough of the art and crafts exhibition showcased on the occasion. PPC is a movement driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to bring together students, parents, teachers and society to foster an environment where each child's unique individuality is celebrated, encouraged and allowed to express itself fully.

Addressing the gathering of students, teachers and parents, the Prime Minister mentioned the creations by the students in the exhibition where they have expressed aspirations and concepts like New National Education Policy in various shapes. He said these exhibits reflect what the new generations think about various topics and what solutions they have for these issues. 

Starting his interaction, the Prime Minister explained the importance of the venue, i.e. Bharat Mandapam to the students and told them about the G20 summit where all the major leaders of the world assembled and discussed the future of the world. 

External pressure and stress

Dania Shabu from a private CBSE school in Oman and Md. Arsh from Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Burari in Delhi raised the issue of addressing external factors such as cultural and societal expectations contributing to added pressure on students. The Prime Minister noted that questions regarding cultural and societal expectations have always come up in PPC, even though it is the 7th edition. He highlighted the role of teachers in mitigating the impact of added pressure from external factors upon students and also pointed out that parents have experienced this from time to time. He suggested making oneself capable of handling pressure and preparing for it as a part of life. The Prime Minister urged the students to prepare themselves mentally by giving the example of travelling from one extreme climate condition to the other where the mind already prepares to face extreme weather conditions. He also suggested assessing stress levels and moving forward by gradually incrementing it so that the student’s ability is not hampered by it. Shri Modi urged the students, families and teachers to collectively address the issue of external stress while evolving the process rather than implementing a systematic theory. He also suggested that families of students should discuss different ways that work for each of them. 

Peer pressure and competition among friends

Addressing the issue of peer pressure and competition among friends raised by Bhagya Laxmi from Govt Demonstration Multipurpose School in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Drashti Chauhan from JNV Panchmahal in Gujarat and Swathi Dileep from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Calicut, Kerala, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of competition however, he emphasized that competition should be healthy. He pointed out that often the seeds of unhealthy competition are planted in the family situations leading to perverse competition among the siblings. PM Modi asked the parents to avoid comparison among the children. The Prime Minister gave an example of a video where children prioritized helping each other while competing in a healthy manner. He said that doing well in exams is not a zero-sum game and competition is with oneself as good performance by a friend does not restrict the field to do well. This tendency, said the Prime Minister, may give rise to a tendency to befriend those who will not be an inspiring company. He also asked the parents not to compare their children with other children. He also asked them not to make the achievement of their children their visiting card. PM Modi asked students to rejoice in the success of their friends.”Friendship is not a transactional emotion’, the Prime Minister said. 

Role of teachers in motivating students

Throwing light on the role of teachers in motivating students, the Prime Minister replied to questions by Shri Kondakanchi Sampatha Rao, a Music teacher from ZP High School, Upparapalli, Andhra Pradesh, and Bunty Medi, a teacher from Sivasagar Assam.

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