Even as the ED sleuths were interrogating CM Hemant Soren inside his official residence on Wednesday afternoon,an intense political drama and a buzz of a regime change has been blowing in Jharkhand. 

Most MLAs of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), the Congress and the Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) coalition were reportedly flown to Raipur, in then Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh. From the airport, the MLAs were taken to a luxurious resort in Nava Raipur. 

The resort politics played out after Hemant Soren, the Jharkhand Chief Minister, accused the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) of trying to poach coalition MLAs to bring down his government. 

Also conflict of interest in family of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha supremo and former chief minister Shibu Soren has spilled over into the open. 

Sita Soren, wife of Durga Soren, who is the son of party supremo Shibu Soren’s (first)late wife,  has claimed that she is the right successor of Chief Minister Hemant Soren as Chief Minister. 

Shibu Soren is understood to be backing his second living wife’s son Hemant Soren’s wife Kalpana Soren as his successor.

Against this backdrop, CM Soren is learnt to have prepared a plan in advance to overcome the unfolding challenge by securing “signatures” of his party and its allies - Congress and RJD MLAs. 

Sita Soren,who had previously alleged that the original idea of Jharkhand formation was being defeated as the Hemant Soren government had failed to curb “loot of land” and that the corrupt officers are being shielded, represents Jama seat in the assembly. 

Sita Soren had won this seat on JMM ticket for the third time, is the widow of Durga Soren, elder son of Shibu Soren’s first late wife.

"According to the current information, MLA Sita Soren ji and MLA Basant Soren ji have refused to accept Chief Minister Hemant Soren ji's wife Kalpana Soren ji or other MLAs as the Chief Minister. 

Both the MLAs are absent from the legislature party meeting being held in Ranchi," Nishikant Dubey posted on X. Reports say in a strategic political manoeuvre,CM Soren has secured the signatures of JMM MLAs on two blank papers during a meeting on Wednesday. 

According to sources close to the matter, these documents are letters of support for two potential candidates, Kalpana Soren and Champai Soren, one of which may be presented to the Governor in case Hemant Soren faces arrest. 

The first document is reportedly in support of Kalpana Soren, the Chief Minister's wife, who has been speculated to take over the reins of the state if Hemant Soren is arrested. 

The second paper backs senior JMM leader Champai Soren for the leadership role. In addition, CM Soren had met his father Shibu Soren and sought his blessings last night. From insiders, Soren is likely to back Kalpana Soren as successor of CM Soren. 

Also, younger brother of CM Soren has made it clear that there is no rift in Soren family over successor of CM Hemant Soren.


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