This decision has been notified as CM Champai Soren has decided to seek a trust vote on Monday 

CM Champai Soren promises to keep his Guruji’s son Ex- CM Hemant Soren in a luxurious camp jail after the ED’s remand date ends. 

New CM Soren appears to be moving ahead as per his party-led strategy. First, it pertains to seeking a trust vote on February 5( Monday), just three days after took oath as the Chief Minister, following Hemant Soren's arrest. 

Notably, Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan had given him ten days to prove a majority on the floor of the state assembly. But CM Champai Soren decided to do so within four days. 

The decision taken during the very first cabinet meeting, chaired by CM Champai Soren, on Friday, has its background. 

Fearing horse-trading, the political drama in Jharkhand shifted to Hyderabad the same day (Friday), when nearly 40 MLAs of the ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM)-led alliance were flown to the Telangana capital. 

Anticipating the possibility of a group of Congress- JMM MLAs changing gears and joining the opposition BJP and telling media that the BJP may attempt to "poach" them in the run-up to a trust vote, the top brass of the JMM in league with the Congress high command helped these legislatures to spend quality time inside a luxurious resort in Hyderabad. 

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The second decision is connected with ex-CM Hemant Soren who was in central jail for one day and taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate for his interrogations for five days beginning Saturday.  

Aware that the days of ED’s remand will end and ex-CM Hemant Soren will be lodged in jail, Champai Soren decided to notify the Jharkhand Civil Service Officers Institute complex, popularly known as IAS club, as Camp jail on “ security ground.” 

IAS Club is spread over a beautiful green belt with a water body (pond ), packed with lotus flowers, and a double-storey building carrying over 10- AC suite rooms, each with a master bedroom and drawing room and two toilets, has a restaurant fun bar.

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