*Image credit Hindustan Times

Jharkhand High Court on Friday rejected the petition to end the case regarding Rahul Gandhi's statement against Amit Shah, the then BJP President in 2018. 

The civil court had issued summons in the deposition case.The court’s rejection of Rahul Gandhi’s petition means, he will face defamation case.

A petition was filed in the High Court to end the case. BJP Leader Navin Jha had filed a complaint case against Rahul Gandhi, alleging therein that in the AICC Plenary Sessions dated on March 18, 2018, Rahul Gandhi had made a speech against BJP and labelled Amit Shah as a murder accused. 

The questions before the Court were whether the statements made by Gandhi would give rise to Cause of action to the opposite party no, 2 to file the present complaint case as it was not made against him in personal capacity; Whether the aforesaid statement will prima facie amount to defamation?


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