PM Narendra Modi today addressed a rally in Dhanbad and cornered the ruling JMM, Congress. “ JMM Matlab Jam Kar Khao”, said PM Modi launching scathing attack on INDI.

He cornered the JMM over the issue of corruption and said that these parties of INDI alliance are only concerned about families and accused them of looting the poor tribals of the state.  

Also, he called Congress “scammers”, and charged that Congress and its allies were the biggest enemies of India’s development.


“Congress and its alliance parties are the biggest enemies of development. The foundation stone of the Electricity power plant of North Karanpura was laid by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the end of the previous century. 

 After that, the scammer government of Congress came into power and this project was shut down. In 2014, I gave a guarantee of reviving this project. Today, a no. of houses are lightened because of this power plant,” ANI reported. 

The prime minister said a better law and order situation was essential for the development of Jharkhand. Calling the JMM-Congress government as dynastic and corrupt, Modi charged extortion has increased under the present regime. 

“JMM-Congress leaders are busy filling their safe vaults. They have created mountains of unnamed properties. We had seen heaps of coal, but heaps of cash were seen for the first time. 

This is your money,” Modi. Referring to recent ED action against former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren and his ‘missing’ after ED summons, Modi said, “Whatever is looted, has to be returned, this is Modi's guarantee. When I take action against such people, they run away because they are aware of their deeds.”

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