Days after a Spanish travel vlogger was allegedly gang-raped by seven men in Jharkhand’s Dumka, chilling details of the March 1 incident have reportedly emerged now. 

The Indian Express, citing the police FIR, reported that the Spanish travel vlogger was allegedly threatened with a dagger, kicked, punched and then raped by these men during the incident that lasted two and a half hours. 

The 28-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped at Kurumahat in the Hansdiha police station area, around 300 km from the state capital Ranchi when she was spending the night in a tent along with her husband, the police said. 

The Indian Express reported that the woman's statement was recorded at 2.05 am on March 2 at the community health centre, and an FIR was registered under IPC sections 376D (gangrape) and 395 (dacoity). 

According to the FIR, at first, three men started quarrelling with the victim's husband before assaulting him and tying his hands. 

The woman alleged that the other four forcefully picked her up “after showing me a dagger”. She added that she was thrown on the ground, kicked, punched and raped repeatedly by all seven men, the IE report said.

“All of them seemed to be slightly drunk. This incident took place from around 7.30 pm to 10 pm,” the FIR quotes her as saying, the newspaper reported. 

Why did they stay at Kumrahat village?

“In the course of our journey, we reached Kumrahat village Dumka… As it was quite late, we decided to establish our temporary makeshift tent at night for our overnight stay on a nearby forested hill road… Around 7 pm, while we were inside our tent, we heard some suspicious voices. As soon as we came out of the tent, we saw two people talking on the phone. Around 7.30 pm, a few people came on two motorcycles. 

They stopped at the tent and murmured ‘Hello friends’. We came out of our tent by lighting our head torch and saw five people rushing towards (us) and two more people moving towards our tent. 

They were talking in the local language and were also using a few English words in between,” The Indian Express reported citing the FIR. 

The woman alleged that the accused also snatched a Swiss knife, a wristwatch, a platinum ring with diamond, a silver ring, black earpods, a black purse, a credit card, around ₹11,000, 300 US dollars, a steel spoon and a fork. 

‘'People of India treated me very well' On Tuesday, the couple left for Nepal via Bihar on their motorcycles as she said she would continue her world tour. Before leaving for Nepal, the woman said she has no complaints against the people of India as she has safely travelled around 20,000 km across the country. 

The police on Tuesday arrested five more people in connection with the case, thus apprehending eight accused, an official said. "People of India are nice. I don't blame the people, but I blame the criminals. 

People of India have treated me very well, and were very kind to me," she said. "We chose the place for the night stay because it was calm and beautiful. We thought it would be okay if we lived there alone," she said. 

The woman said that she has been travelling for more than six years. "We have been in India for the last six months and travelled around 20,000 km. We did not have any problems anywhere. 

This has happened for the first time," she said. "I have good memories from India," she added. The woman said that she would continue her tour along with her husband.

(With inputs from Hindustan Times, PTI and ANI)


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