All Christians across Jharkhand today solemnly observed Good Friday. 

Good Friday commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus on the cross at Golgotha, which is on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  

Good Friday, which is also known as Black Friday is observed by Christians across the world to reflect on the profound sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity and to contemplate the meaning of his death. 

It is observed across the world with solemn Church services, prayers and Sacrament or the Holy Communion. In Jharkhand, various Catholic and Protestant churches observed the day with Church services, sermons from selected Bible verses, and solemn hymns by Church choirs. The services are divided into morning, afternoon, and evening sections. 

After the completion of the morning church service, many of the churches visited hospitals, where Pastors and Ministers/Church elders held short services of Bible reading and prayers for those in hospitals who were unable to attend Church services.


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