Ahead of INDIA block’s Loktantra Bachao rally in New Delhi tomorrow, Kalpana Soren, the wife for Jharkhand's former chief minister Hemant Soren, met Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's wife Sunita Kejriwal in New Delhi on Saturday. 

Kalpana Soren in addition to CM Champai Soren will also attend the INDIA bloc's mega rally in the national Capital against Arvind Kejriwal's arrest.  

After meeting Sunita, Kalpana said what happened in Jharkhand a few months ago was happening in New Delhi now. 

“My husband Hemant Soren was sent to jail. Now Arvind sir has been arrested. So I came to meet Sunita ma'am to share our grief. We discussed that now we will have to take our fight ahead in which she will support us and Jharkhand will support Arvind Kejriwal sir," Kalpana said.


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