Bihar CM Nitish Kumar with his son Nishant Kumar. Picture courtesy

At a time when Narendra Modi is gearing up to take the oath to become Prime Minister of India for a third consecutive term on June 10, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has taken a turn in his political career.

In the past, Nitish Kumar was opposed to the ‘Pariwarwadi’ approach in public life. Now, he has shown signs to give a political assignment to his son Nishant Kumar. 

There are reports about Nitish’s health deteriorating. This has fuelled speculations about the future of the JD(U). A section in Netas in Bihar feels that the JD(U) would soon disintegrate and disappear, with its remnants merging into other parties. 

But Nitish seems to have worked out plans to keep the party intact and in power. From available information, he has already put in place a reorganisation for the party. 

As per this plan, Nitish would hand over the reins of the party to his trusted lieutenant Shrawan Kumar, who is currently the rural development minister in Bihar. 

Shrawan is one the closest aides of Nitish. He is involved in key political decisions and he was stationed in Uttar Pradesh when Nitish was part of the INDIA bloc and was reportedly preparing to contest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency. 

Shrawan’s elevation as party president can be accompanied with a soft political launch of the 49-year-old Nishant. 

Nishant, an engineering graduate like his father, lives with Nitish but has kept away from politics. He has, however, lately been seen accompanying his father on various trips. 

The father-son duo recently visited their home district, Nalanda, where they prayed at a temple together and attended social and political functions.  

Nishant’s entry into politics would see his father Nitish, who has been vociferously against bringing family into politics, doing one more flip. 

His frequent flips have earned him an alias tag to his name- Paltu Ram. He had recently attacked Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Yadav for promoting his family and giving birth to scores of children.


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