The letter written by Padma Sri Kadia Munda to PM Modi has become the talk of the town in tribal Jharkhand. 

“Everybody in every tribal family has read it and now debating over it”, said Jitan Munda, a school teacher, echoing the sentiments of common Adivasi residents in Khunti, the birthplace of tribal hero Birsa Munda. 

In Jharkhand, the BJP has lost all five Schedule Tribe Reserved Lok Sabha constituencies - Dumka, Rajmahal, Lohardaga, Singhbhum, and Khunti in the 2024 polls.

Against this backdrop, in his letter dated June 9, Kadia Munda has, first, congratulated Narendra Modi for taking oath of office as Prime Minister for the third consecutive term in the 18th Lok Sabha.  

Also, he has congratulated him for getting elected as leader of the National Democratic Alliance and as PM for the third term since the 60s when PM Jawaharlal Nehru had gained that status.

A renowned tribal leader, Munda, is a BJP MP from Khunti. He had served as Deputy Speaker of the 15th Lok Sabha and has been a minister in the Government of India. He had served in the governments led by the Janata Party in 1977 and the Bhartiya Janata Party from 1999 onwards till recently. He takes pride in stating that he had worked for the BJP led by late Atal Behari Vajpayee, LK Advani, and Murli Manohar Joshi. 

However, in his letter, 88- years old Munda, who is known for his honesty, and commitment to the ideology of the saffron party, has expressed that he was upset after his party (BJP) lost all five Schedule Tribe Reserved Constituencies in the 2024 LS polls. 

Expressing his emotional sentiments, Kadia Munda has mentioned a poem for Narendra Modi ,stating this in Hindi. 

हे नरेन तू कभी घबराना मत, छल प्रपंच है 

बाहर भीतर इनके झांसे में आना मत 

बाकी अभी तो कई धर्म युद्ध, सारा, 

भीतर के अंतर्मुखी निष्क्रिय 
क्रुद्ध विक्षुब्ध अवसाद 

मुक्त संशय चक्रव्हू निरुद्ध, 

ये बहता अंतर का रक्त देख भरमाना मत हे नरेन तू कभी घबराना मत… 


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