By removing encroachment of land owned by tribals,the state administration has followed the court’s directive.But the encroachers were up in arms.

They put up road jam at Harmu Chowk in Ranchi.The traffic was paralysed.Soon,when the police intervened,they threw stones.This triggered a chain reaction.

The police used force and resorted to lathi charge.In response,the encroachers and their supporters threw stones.Some journalists were injured.

The Court had served notices on encroachers.As per the Chotanagpur Land Tenancy Act,the tribal land cann’t be bought or transferred to non tribals.However,many non tribals had illegally acquired the tribal land and built their houses and shops.

Ratan Lal’s picture shows protesters burning tyres,putting up road jam at Harmu chowk in Ranchi on August 25,2016


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