“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”-Robert Swan

‘What we save, saves us’ was all you would get to hear from the little bundles of joy at DPS Ranchi of Class II on 20th April 2018 celebrating Earth Day. It was a day to remind that the planet we live on is not our property, but responsibility. A day to remind that as we destroy earth’s forest, reefs, wetlands, and other ecosystems, we light a fire to our storm barriers, our air filters, our water towers and our medicinal cabinets, all at the same time. The young learners staged the glorious for past of our home planet, the dangerous present, and the horrifying future. The children in action left everybody thinking about the consequences of our deeds in future. ‘The gift of earth is the gift to all.’ The melting glaciers, the frequent occurrences of earthquakes, the sudden change of environment … and what else are we waiting for? It’s high time to act than to just think. The children discussed how and what can be done to save our home because it’s never too late to start. A thoughtful program ended with the colourful activity where every little hand lends to paint the planet green for now… forever with the promise to paint the canvas of live earth also in the same way.

The Principal, Dr. Ram Singh on the occasion took the moment to remind that, ‘we don’t have planet B’, so the call of our mother earth is worth listening and responding too. Let’s not be the part of society who takes oath of saving the earth by cutting numerous trees and writing the same on paper. The day is a call to put a full stop to this hypocrisy. He ended up saying “We belong to the earth and the earth belongs to every creature it fosters.”
So, let’s be the change we want to see in the world, let’s lend a hand to nurture.


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