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Coal mafia calls the shot in Dhanbad with rivalry within the family over property.In this Assembly elections, Sanjiv Singh and his cousin Niraj Singh of the Singh mansion are facing each other in Jharia.

Reportedly Niraj said, “We are not on talking terms. But my electoral fight is not against Sanjiv, son of Suryadeo Singh. It is against the BJP, against the problems of Jharia like displacement, lack of development.”

On the other hand, Sanjiv, who is making his poll debut, is out to retain the seat, which his mother, Kunti Singh, won in 2005 and 2009.

In 2009 Assembly elections, Niraj made his debut from Dhanbad as an Independent and finished third. The next year, he became deputy mayor of Dhanbad as an Independent, but joined the Congress in August this year.

The rivalry between the cousins is not limited to the political arena. People say they have differences over business dealings, ancestral property and controlling Janta Mazdoor Sangh that plays a major role in the coal belt.

According to the police both want to inherit the legacy of Singh Mansion and both move around  with their henchmen and armed escorts in SUVs.


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