*Anupama Singh, wife of Congress MLA Jaymangal Singh alias Anup Singh

Ahead of the Ulgunan Nyay Maharally, a public meeting of the INDIA bloc constituents planned to be held in Ranchi on April 21, the Congress is going through a rough patch in Dhanbad. 

As many as 21 leaders of INDI Alliance constituents including AAP founder and ex-Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s wife Sunita Kejriwal are slated to attend Ulgunan Nyay Maharally being organised by JMM at the Prabhat Tara Maidan in Ranchi. 

However, all is not well with all constituents. For instance, the Congress party, a top constituent of the INDI Alliance, is in trouble across the state. 

After the Congress party fielded Anupama Singh as a candidate in Dhanbad, the ex-Congress’ Jharkhand working committee member and labour leader Lalan Choubey who was an aspirant of the ticket, quit the party with scores of his supporters. 

Choubey has termed the party’s decision to field Anupama from the Dhanbad constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as “tactically detrimental”. 

Hundreds of party workers also carried out a massive demonstration in the Gaderia area of Katras, demanding the allotment of a ticket to a local leader. 

Chaubey, a former leader of the Congress-affiliated trade union, Indian National Trade Union Congress, termed Anupama Singh as “a pilot candidate who has been brought in from outside Dhanbad”. 

He also levelled serious charges of corruption against her husband, Jaymangal Singh alias Anup Singh, and her deceased father-in-law, late Rajendra Prasad Singh. “Anupama Singh has been a homemaker and has no political experience,” said Chaubey during a press conference in Jharia on Friday. 

He accused her husband, MLA Jaymangal Singh alias Anup Singh, of carrying out illegal income of more than ₹1 crore per day in the name of trade union politics.


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