In Hindi,poets are called Kavi.On the occasion to mark Holi on March 26-27,the Hotel Ashok in Ranchi witnessed a conference of Hindi poets.

Billed as Hasya Havi Sammelan,many poets enthralled the audience.Sample some of them.

*Ashok Chakradhar:”Tanav Na Ho,To Manushya Bor Ho jata Hai.Isliye Muskarana To Hamari Majboori Hai (When there is no stress,man gets bored.So smiling is a necessity).

*Sarvesh Asthana:”Police pooling Hai Ya Striling”(Police is masculine or feminine).By saying this he made the audience laugh.

*Sanjay:”Rahul Gandhi Ke Haath Me Jis Samay,Prem Patra Hona Chahiye Tha,Us Samay Sonia Gandhi Ne Ghoshna Patra Thama Diya.Jis Samay Rahul Gandhi Ko Rani Mukherjee Ke Saath Chating Karna Chahiye Tha,Us Samay Mamata Banerjee Ko Samjhane Bhej Diya…”(When Rahul Gandhi had to have a love letter in his hand,Sonia Gandhi handed over manifesto.When Rahul Gandhi should have chatted with rani Mukherjee,he was sent to mollify Mamata Banerjee…).

The Hasya Kavi Sammelan was held inside the Hotel Ashok on Thursday.


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