“It is a wonder of wonders”,quips Sunita Singh,a gynecologist.She was talking about an British woman named Pamela Frazer,from Hastings,East Sussex who had given birth to twins-a boy and a girl.Nothing unusual.But the boy-Candice Anne-has dark skin,black hair and dark eyes,whereas the girl-Aleisha Lilly-is white with fair hair and light eyes,the Sun has reported.

Frazer, 30,who was married to Oswald,has already faced some awkward questions from passers-by when she was out with the four-week-old twins.

For Frazer and her Oswald,who carried blood of a mix race,these black and white babies were very special.The Sun quoted her saying that her mother had got Jamaican, African and Irish in her blood and her dad was white Jewish.

Similarly,Oswald’s dad is Jamaican and his mum is Jamaican and Irish.Gynecologists think the black and white twins was unheard of.But Frazer’s twins were conceived naturally and delivered prematurely by Caesarean section after her waters broke early,reported the Sun.


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