Both were poles apart.Though Narendra Singh Dhoni and MS Dhoni were own brothers,they were different beings.While Team India Captain was humble,friendly and polite,Narendra was aggressive and verbose.

Now,when Mahendra Singh Dhoni will lead India against Australia in the fourth ODI in his home town,Narendra has vowed not to watch the match as he says he did not get enough passes from the Jharkhand State Cricket Association for the last ODI against England played in January this year.

“We are hurt and had felt insulted because the Association did not treat us decently”,Narendra says.

Incidentally,neither his father Pan Singh nor mother Devaki Devi eco Narendra’s sentiments.’Unlike Mahi(MS Dhoni)who was a responsible boy since his childhood,Narendra was irresponsible”,Pan Singh had once told


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