Believes it or not,say Intelligence Bureau sleuths,two dreaded terrorists-Boko Haram and Dawod Ibrahim-have joined hands to peddle drugs in India.

This story was broken in the media by Vicky Nanjappa/ today.Nanjappa’s report quoting IB sources states that “Nigerians who sell drugs in Goa are allegedly now under the control of Boko Haram, the dreaded terrorist organisation based in northeastern Nigeria and an Al Qaeda affiliate”

The report states that Boko Haram,responsible for perpetrating “acts of brutal terror through its involvement in the drug trade, has now entered India with the help of fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim.”

Sources in the IB confirmed that “over 1,500 Nigerians are suspected to be currently involved in the drug trade in India.”

“After a crackdown on them in Goa last year, these drug peddlers felt the need for protection. Boko Haram saw the opportunity and stepped in”,says the report.

Further the report states that “Drug cartels in South Asia, the Intelligence Bureau says, are under the control of terror groups like Al Qaeda. A major chunk of the drugs harvested are picked up by Dawood Ibrahim.”

Report says that Boko Haram-backed drug peddlers source the drugs from Ibrahim’s criminal network.

In the past,”the drugs network in Goa was controlled by the Russian mafia who found it easy to thwart the Nigerians who once operated as individuals. With their links to Boko Haram and Dawood Ibrahim, the Nigerians now pose a serious threat to the Russian mafia”,said the same report.

“Anees Ibrahim, Dawood’s younger brother, is the go-between with Boko Haram, believes the Intelligence Bureau.

Around 40 Nigerian drug peddlers have been arrested in the past year; only one of them had a valid visa to be in India.

The Intelligence Bureau is on the lookout for 2,500 Nigerians living illegally in India.”

Pics show Dawood Ibrahim and Nigerian terror Boko Haram with his armed men.



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