Lopamudra Mohapatra

Last one month had really been nightmarish. I did not know how to cope with the situations. On one hand, I was trying to come to terms with a personal tragedy and on the other hand, I had to deal with my sore throat and ill health.

Taking medicines from a renowned doctor did nothing to alleviate my woes. Every day was painful and nights were even more painful. Honey, concoction prepared out of basil leaves, ginger and black pepper cast no magic spell on my ever groaning voice box. This time I decided to give some importance to my daughter’s valuable words.

She told me to consult one well experienced yet low profile doctor.The suave and affectionate gentle man first assuaged my worst fear and told my husband and me to meet him at O.T. in RIIMS. I was in a fix. I did not know how to take two hours off on a working day. I had already taken three day leave just one day before.

Any way things fell in place.Both my husband and I rushed to the medical college.Then began the ordeal.We moved from one block to another,walked up and down the semi dark staircases from one floor to another.We tried frantically to contact the specialist over the phone,but in vain. Nobody had time to show us the right direction.My husband stated sweating. I was a bit panicky. He had had only two cups of tea and no breakfast. Even I would have to rush back to my school. So at last we went near a small room where we saw a middle aged police man and a lady sub inspector. The man was relaxing on a chair, sitting cross-legged. He had worn sport shoes. My husband asked the man to show us the direction.

The man sat in the same position,looked at my husband,and said that he was suffering from back pain so he could not get up. My husband went inside and told the lady that we needed help. At first the lady seemed to be at loss what to do. Then she asked the man to help us, but the man did not budge. The lady looked at us helplessly. I was standing near the door and knew very well that very soon I would lose my patience.My husband did not tell them anything now. He simply stared at them.The man got up reluctantly and came outside.Even the lady left her secure position and came outside. She looked somehow alarmed. Now the police man took us to the floor all the while grumbling about his back pain.

My grieving throat was successfully examined and my troubled heart heaved a sigh of relief as my delicate throat did not have to go under the knife for the removal of an imaginary polyp or whatever that is. While coming back I remembered the police man,recollected some memorable scenes about such police men in some Bollywood movies. How correctly the reel life scenes had been lifted up from real life situations!

I was itching to ask my husband one question:‘Don’t you think he should have gone on long leave if he was in such pain.’ But looking at my husband’s inscrutable face I decided to keep mum.”

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