Tribal Jewellery Stall in Jharkhand Pavilion

All roads at the Jharkhand Pavilion in New Delhi are converging at the stalls exhibiting and selling tribal Jewellery. The traditional and the new designs are attracting the jewellery lovers of all age groups and the sellers here at the pavilion are doing brisk business. Innovation is their benchmark and this enables them to offer new articles every year to the visitors.

Tribals wear a variety of jewellery  made from natural resources and also from bell-metal and brass. Even today tribals use wild grass to make ornaments such as necklaces. Mainly the tribal jewellery has motifs of berries, leaves and flowers. But here at the pavilion the jewelleries  are made mostly of pure silver or mixed metals. The mixed metals  consists of brass, copper, silver, iron and zinc.

Jharkhand tribal jewellery including hasuli, thela, tarpat, pahuchi, mandli, jhumka, matar rola, sikri etc. rings ‘Kadhas’ are a real hit at the pavilion. Their specialty is that they are made of German silver and do not lose their shine. All the jewelleries are hand-made and range from Rs 200 to Rs 2000. The silver jewellery copies the kundan work and the lynching jhumkis(long or hanging ear rings) are fragile in look. Tikuli is attractive work on superior glass finished with wafer-thin tabaque (gold or silver leaves) and worn by women on their foreheads.

Around five stalls in the pavilion are selling tribal jewellery and all these stalls are flooded with visitors. The owner of the stalls hail from different districts of Jharkhand. Geeta Verma, Parvati Soni,Vinay Soni, Yashoda Soni etc are selling tribal jewellery at the Jharkhand pavilion.”Girls and women throng to my stall because they get new and unique designs here,” said Yashoda Soni an exhibitor.


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