The Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, a not-for-profit organization offering telemedicine services enabling continuous access to the most sophisticated healthcare support systems, celebrated its 15th anniversary today.

Established in 1999, with a mission to provide medical services even in remote areas, the telemedicine unit at Apollo Hospitals has been creating a silent revolution in bridging the accessibility gap in healthcare sector. With 92,000 teleconsults in 25 specialities through 153 telemedicine centres, Apollo has now undertaken to provide telehealth to 10,000 functioning Common Service Centres under the Government of India, says a press release.

Speaking about innovation in technology and its eminent need in India’s healthcare sector, Ms Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited said, “The need of the hour right now is innovation that will break distance and infrastructure barriers and ensure seamless healthcare delivery across geographies.

Successful amalgamation of medicine and Information and Communication Technologies, I believe, has improved and will improve access to quality healthcare services even in remote locations. Facilities like “I SEE YOU” enable virtual visits to the ICU from anywhere in the world, bringing patients and doctors together, irrespective of location and time. Remote healthcare has transformed healthcare delivery in rural areas and will play a huge role in achieving universal healthcare. A proven catalyst, telemedicine might perhaps replace the need for physical consultations and regular follow-up.”


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