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By Ritam Talukdar: Airtel has been helping its users to manage with the security for a long time. Thanks to its impressive cloud service platform. What more can you expect if it can reduce the risk from the regular headaches regarding the ownership costs and management simplicity? But, this time it moves on the next big level.

This cloud services just got a major boost after Amazon Web Services decides to join in. The reason is to offer cloud computing services to all its loyal customers in India.

Yeah, Amazon is quite excited and confident, that now the global customers will also get the benefit of cloud services. To be specific, they are planning to offer software and other facilities on the pay per use basis. Now, there’s no need to go for the entire product.

Amazon Web Services, already with facilities like website hosting and data storage has long been helping to manage businesses in a proper way. This deal aims to provide a dedicated connection between the premise of the customer and AWS data services, previously not available. This AWS Direct Connect will now help the customers to reduce the network costs, increase bandwidth to provide a more reliable network experience.

In fact, these properties will help Indian businesses of all sizes to expand their organizations to the next big level.

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