By Ritam Talukdar: The official Facebook page has already provided you with details regarding ways to promote new brands, give importance to campaigns and various people to promote their business to reach a global audience at large. Being social is the only the first name.Now, a new hack app, named “Pager” has been developed that canl help the small business owners to convert their Facebook page into a traditional website within a span of minutes. Developed over the 24 hours by a team of three engineers it gives us the perfect idea to grow small businesses for the small owners.

This is just an experimental app that will simply uphold the potential your Facebook page holds and will sort it out into four categories such as “About”, “News”, “Events” and “Galleries”. The About page will show all your business contact information and the news page will display the wall posts while events and galleries have their self-explanatory meanings.

It’s quite easy to use one just needs to log in using his Facebook user Account and then they are made accessible to some of his listed pages and he can pick one and save as your site automatically goes live.

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