Protect your baby while looking your fabulous best. The House of Napius has has launched India’s first line of radiation safe maternity wear which uses the path-breaking NESA technology (Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Shielding Alternatives), says a press release.

Most expectant mothers understand that carrying a child means taking extra safety measures to protect the growing life.

Mothers-to-be are aware that they need to avoid certain chemicals, foods, and some beverages.

The line of radiation safe maternity wear provides an additional safeguard by shielding against radiation from cell phones, wireless routers, laptop and computers.

House of Napius offers a wide range of revolutionary, radiation safe maternity wear for the first time in India.

Founder and Director, Nehal Mehta says: “Today we cannot live a gadget or appliance free lifestyle. At House of Napius, we have created a solution to block the radiation from these gadgets which are used on a daily basis such as cellphones, microwaves, laptops, scanners and iPads. We are launching our first product category of maternity wear and will be expanding into other categories such a kidswear, womenswear and menswear in the future.”


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