Today,a bill board gioving details of the programme had clome up at the Albert Ekka chowk,Ranchi.Apart from giving details of the Dahi Handi programme,the bill board gave details of Samiti’s Chief Patron,CP Singh,Patron,Ajay Maru and President Sanjay Se

On the eve of Sri Krishna Janmasthmi,Ranchi based Sri Krishna Janmasthmi Samiti members took stock of their preparation to conduct -Dahi Handi-programme.

The programme,marking the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadon,is to be performed by the devotees.They are supposed to follow a tradition of the Brij or Braj where Bhagwan Krishna is believed to have often broken milk pots of cow maids.

Since this was a wrong doing,He was duly punished by His mother Yashoda,according to the traditional belief.To commemorate this act of Bhagwan Krisna , his devotees plan to enact the same play to mark the celebrations.The play has a plot.

The organisers hang a pot carrying curd up in a pole.The devotees are expected to break it.Whosover tries to break it is met with water showered by ladies who act as milk maids.


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