Date – 18th September 2015

Speaker – Rajorshi Ganguli , VP HR , Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

Topic – “Managing your career- MYTH & REALITY”

In the 5th installment of its Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series, XISS had the pleasure of hosting Rajorshi Ganguli, Vice President-HR, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, who delivered a lecture on the topic ‘Career Myths and Realities’
CAREER: Everyone has their own definition of career. But according to Rajorshi Ganguli, the definition includes “A person getting fulfilled with what they want to achieve. “

Mr. Ganguli broke the myth that a professional’s career is completely guided and dictated by the organisation where he is employed. It is in fact not a sensitive, confidential and selfish entity. It should rather be discussed with peers because it is more of an exploratory journey.

One’s career path is not solely decided by the number of promotions that a professional has been bestowed with, but also concerns the degree of satisfaction that he enjoys. He put his fact forward with the example of a hair saloon, where a barber may continue to work for years at a stretch not because he is guaranteed high incentives or promotions but solely because it is a profession that he enjoys.

The myth that a professional will enjoy working where his best friend is excelling was also established. It is more of an individualistic approach that decides job satisfaction or career growth. Remuneration as the only yardstick for success is also a myth as it may be a hygiene factor but not always a great motivator. Money-oriented people may not always be the most successful or the happiest.

Dilemmas faced by young professionals were also discussed at length and the fact that brand building starts at an individual level and maintaining a certain amount of reliability to strengthen your.

The perfect example was cited by Ganguli in the form of the Bata Shoe Co. which has built the foundations of its brand image on the virtues of quality, performance, price, durability and trust. Power-hungriness and ambition of young graduates have to be curbed, as Ganguli mentioned, to fully utilise their years of corporate experience which lies ahead of them. In conclusion, he said “Stop complaining” and be a content person because “Your need is the water and not the glass”.

He brought the session to the close by giving a presentation on Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in context with the Mission, vision and Objectives of the Company.
Ganguli is an alumnus of Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi. He completed his PGD PM & IR in the year 1994 and was the Gold medalist of his batch. After working for two decades and with an objective to come back to Academics at a future date and help future professionals grow he has currently enrolled in the PhD (Business Administration) programme of AIMA.

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