Photo-Ratan Lal

Number of Hindu families were in grip of Karwa Chauth,an annual festival where married women observe fast for the well being and long life of their husband.

The day falls on the fourth day of Kartik month in Hindu calendar, just nine days before Diwali. In western calendar, the festival generally falls in the months of October and November.

As per the tradition,married women mark the festival of Karwa Chauth by keeping fast with much fervor and gaiety. They consider this day very special to seek blessings for the well being of her husband.

In Ranchi,though many tribals were Hindus,their married women do not celebrate this festival.However,the middle class Hindu women consider it a holy day and were dressed up in beautiful traditional attires like sari, lehenga, salwar-kameez etc.

Many of them were spotted keeping fast from dawn to dusk. They specially prayed to Goddess Gauri (Parvati) for the well-being of their husband.”We dedicate ourselves to this festival”,said Sunti Devi,a school teacher. spotted a group of married women taking their own photographs through selfie as they observed Karva Chauth in Ranchi.

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