Congress leaders in Ranchi paid homage to Freedom fighter and martyr known as Amar Saheed Pandey Ganpat Rai.He was the dewan of Maharaja of Chotanagpur. 

Both Maharaja and Rai joined hands to fight the British rule despite opposition by Maharaja of Chotanagpur who sided with the British government. 

Historical records show that during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857,Bishwanath Sahdeo and Ganpat Rai proceeded to meet Veer Keur Singh of Jagdishpur of present Bihar for alliance against the British. They were intercepted by British army. 

Ganpat Rai led the rebellion of sepoys in Doranda army camp of Ranchi. The combined forces of Umrao Singh, Shekh Bhikhari, Madho Singh, Bishwanath Sahdeo and Ganpat Rai and rebellious sepoys of Ramgarh battalion and of Doranda army camp broke jail and freed the prisoners, burnt record rooms and administrative offices at Ranchi. 

Ranchi commissioner Dalton, Deputy Commissioner Denis and Judicial Commissioner Oaks fled from Ranchi through Kanke-Pithoria road. Ranchi,states


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