*Image credit IPRD, Jharkhand

"We favor the long-standing business and cultural relations with the Czech Republic". Chief Minister Raghubar Das said this while inaugurating the Jharkhand Pavilion at the International Engineering show MSVBRNO-2017 in Brno, Czech Republic. 

The Chief Minister along with  Union Minister, Industry and Commerce, C.R. Chaudhary also jointly inaugurated the India Pavilion.

Jharkhand Pavilion saw huge crowd of foreign investors and diplomats. While praising the Global Investors Summit held in Jharkhand, the CM said that the focus of the business and industrial world has gone towards Jharkhand. Investors want to increase investment in India, especially Jharkhand.

The Chief Minister told the investors that everyone's involvement in the progress and upliftment of Jharkhand is welcomed. He also added that in the field of high technical engineering, electronic, chemical production and pharmaceuticals, investment can be done in Jharkhand. The Chief Minister also opined that since Czech Republic was a partner country in last year's investors summit Momentum Jharkhand, the bilateral relationship 
will continue in future also.

On this occasion, Jir Harvellik, Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Czech Republic, Krishna Kumar, Ambassador of India and a large number of people from the trade and industry were also present.

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