*Image credit IPRD, Ranchi

Tussar Silk from Jharkhand has made a special place in the hearts of people at IITF 2017. In Jharkhand Pavilion a huge crowd of people can be seen at the stall of Jharcraft. As wedding season has arrived, women are buying Tussar Silk Sarees in huge amounts.

 India is the main producer of Tussar silk with Jharkhand being the main state of its production. Producing Tussar is a rural art. Through the IITF Fair, Jharkhand is getting a lot of opportunity to do business in the area of Tussar Silk, to leave its mark in the world and exchange technical knowledge in the field of Tussar. 

Jharkhand is considered to be the hub of Tussar. An increase in the demand of Tussar Silk will lead to new employment opportunities in the state of Jharkhand.


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