*All images by IPRD, Jharkhand

Jharkhand Tribal Art stall is making people crazy at IITF 2017. As soon as you step into the Jharkhand Pavilion, you are hit with an eyeful of gorgeous colours coming from shelves stocked with artsy goodness. 

The home decor available here ranged from masks to unique tribal paintings and Dhokra metal pieces made by the tribes of Jharkhand are exciting people to buy all these items in large amounts.

Jharkhand is getting a new path of progress. Thousands of years of tribal culture, art, handicrafts in Jharkhand, place a special place in the heart of art lovers around the world with the aim of preserving tribal culture and accelerating their economic development.

The demand for extremely beautiful and attractive handicrafts of Jharkhand is increasing fast in the country and abroad today. Countries like Singapore, UK, Dubai, Germany and Malaysia have a big market of tribal handicrafts.

Jharkhand government has also focused on the possibility of tribal arts and culture. There is no doubt that tribal craft is growing rapidly and this is the reason why the youth of Jharkhand is excited about their bright future in the field of tribal art. 

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