*Image showing Ranchi Railway Station from the Pre-Independent era

The changed structure and looks of Railway station built by the British government in the pre-independence day is awesome.

In those old days, Ranchi, located on Chotangpur plateau at a height of over 2100 feet above sea level, was the summer capital of Bihar.

Today, after Bihar was bifurcated to create a new state of Jharkhand in 2000, Ranchi is the capital of this state.

In the past, a couple of trains including a steam engine running on a single-track train between Ranchi and Lohardaga were operational at this railway station in Ranchi. 

*Present-day Ranchi railway station

Today, more than two dozen diesel and electric trains move in and out of this Railway Station.

In any case, the old picture spotted on Facebook is locked in the memory box of some senior residents of Ranchi."If old is gold, the pre-Independence Day picture is indeed a rare photograph," comments a senior citizen.

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